EM ARRAY® second screen technology takes ordinary meetings and turns them into dynamic experiences. Live meeting data and analytics drive actionable insight and continual improvement. You increase audience engagement by up to 20X, surprise attendees with more than 25 interactive capabilities and continually improve meeting impact with data-driven insight.

You can expect to increase the number of return customers and referrals and enhance customer relationships with valuable insight.

• Engage participants with surveys, evaluations and games

• Understand detailed audience response to every slide

• Dialogue with the audience in real-time

• Do research in real-time, publish and monetize the results

• Ensure reliability with experienced meeting technology professionals

• Compare meeting impact across multiple meetings or events

EM VIRTUAL ARRAY extends your live meeting beyond the four walls the meeting room, putting the same second screen in the hands of anyone, anywhere.

EM RELIABILITY LIFECYCLE – With over 6,000 events under our belt and over 1,000,000 participants, our team of experts walk you through the entire the entire meeting lifecycle.

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Second Screen Tech Increases Engagement by 20X

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See a live demo of EM ARRAY, second screen technology that increases participant engagement by 20X. Also, learn how we collect every click and comment to drive live meeting analytics and continually improve meeting impact.

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